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Tip: Google Analytics Dashboard for Social Media

If you have Google Analytics setup, this is a good resource for quickly visualizing the effectiveness of your Social Media efforts. Google Analytics has a section called Dashboards which allows you to customize a visual representation of how your site is performing on a single page.  If you are just experimenting and would like a good Dashboard already made, Adam Singer created a social media dashboard that you can use for free. Install this dashboard for free into your own Google Analytics by Clicking Here.


Email vs Social Media

This week we had the pleasure of talking to a group wondering whether or not they should still focus on email marketing or put their eggs into social media marketing.  The short answer is an easy one thanks to the studies this summer measuring the conversion rates of both social media, search results, and email marketing. Email still ranks as the number one resource for successful conversions over ad campaigns and social media.  Conversion rates are the rates of which and add successfully “converts” into a sale. So if you have found yourself addicted to the Facebook book Like button…


Chilling with MCM Stone

This was actually a test post sitting at MCM Stone, off of Linden Ave. We were showing how easy it can be to control your own website by posting an update from an iPhone. Their website went dark a few months ago when their previous website host dropped support and left them hanging. After a few quotes from various groups, we are hoping to show them the easier path to controlling their online world. Huge thanks to Buzzie and Larissa for providing the tour and the insight as to how their place operates.


Adding Views to YouTube

In May we found out that every minute there are 72 hours of video being posted to YouTube.  While everybody has hopes that their video will become viral there are only a tiny number of videos that make it happen with millions of views naturally. How do you get thousands of views on your YouTube video when it doesn’t go viral or how do you kickstart the views in case it does? You sell out and buy some views. Let me be clear that paying for views is not real marketing. It does not grow your exposure nor does it…

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