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Google Encrypted Search: The end of keyword transparency

The digital marketing world felt a great disturbance in the Force this week, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Google has been moving towards increasing encrypted searches as a direction, but this week marked a milestone as they made all search queries encrypted. There are plenty of theories why, ranging from promoting their own advertising services to shielding governmental listening funnels. Regardless of the reason it reshapes how many marketing approaches are measured for effectiveness, putting some people on edge about where things are going. We did a spot check on our…


How to Embed Google+ in WordPress

You can now embed Google+ into posts and websites, including WordPress.  It is really easy to add to your WordPress site as there are really only two steps here.  The key being that you need to add the javascript to your header, so that when you put the embed code in your post, it knows what to do with it. Edit your header and before the close of the </head> tag you want to add… <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> Then when you go to your Google+ post you can choose embed from the drop down menu and it will feed you…


the 80/20 rule of Social Media

So you started a Facebook Page, started posting up stuff about your product, and nobody seems to care. It happens, more than you think.  None of us wake up in the morning, jump on Facebook hoping to see what advertisements are going to pop up all over the News Feed.  If you only offer content about your product, chances are people will just start ignoring it anyway. What is the 80/20 rule? We are not talking about Pareto Principle of cause and effect or the financial distribution of wealth in the nation.  We are applying an 80-20 rule in regards to…


Joey Belladonna’s Chief Big Way Band

This is a bit of strange post, but I needed a way to share some photos to this group.   I was attending a private party this weekend in the Adirondack’s, doing what I always do, which is taking tons of photos.  It is not official driftpoint duty, but these guys wanted to get the pictures of the band. First of all the band was awesome.  It turns out the guy on drums and lead vocals was none other than Joey Belladonna from Anthrax.  Nothing quite like having some really great musicians play pretty much anything you throw at them,…

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