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US Government vs Service Level Agreements

The government coming back “online” this week had me thinking of how little emphasis there is on defining the US Government as a critical resource compared to our demand for technology services. Before you think I am going to get all political, I am not. I am actually looking at the percentage of time the government shutdown compared to the standards we use to rate value of online service delivery. When we shop around for services we look at the percentage of availability of that service. Services can be anything from Internet web hosting to phone service who all seem…


Sponsoring Barbells for Boobs 2013

Driftpoint Media has become an official sponsor of the 2013 Barbells for Boobs campaign through our friends at Flower City Crossfit. On November 3rd, the Pink Bra Tour will make it’s final tour stop here in Rochester NY at Flower City Crossfit to help raise funds and awareness for early breast cancer detection. Because this gym is so passionate about this event and were able to participate so much last year, Reebok is sending the bus.  The Pink Bra Tour bus is stopping at Flower City Crossfit as one of 8 gyms across the country, finishing off it’s tour across…


Naming a Company Driftpoint

I get asked this question every once in a while. Why is Driftpoint Media called Driftpoint Media? Let’s just say, some ideas just pop into my head and this was not one of them. It took me a long time to find the perfect name for a company.  I wanted to feel strong about branding a company that was going to be representing myself. Knowing the recipe was going to be a combination of words, I started with the passions I have in life, outside of digital marketing.  Those passions would resemble a balance between auto racing and waterskiing.  Hundreds…

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