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Social Media Image Sizing Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Maintaining a social media presence can be overwhelming, especially when every outlet has a different layout, a different audience and different image dimensions. To make every post as impactful as possible, it’s important that the adorable kitten you posted to Facebook doesn’t have his head cut off in the thumbnail or that the special offer you’re tweeting to customers doesn’t have the Special Offer text cropped out. Make the most of all your social media platforms by posting correctly sized images to your LinkedIn header, your Google + profile and your Pinterest feed. When customers land on your YouTube profile, make sure they see everything you…


Are the Yellow Pages Dead?

It is our favorite question to ask people trying to understand what we do here at Driftpoint Media. “When was the last time you opened the Yellow Pages?” In our experience most people touch their Yellow Pages once a year to recycle them when the new book arrives. Many people have abandoned their home phone and do not get any Yellow Pages. Every once in a while I find somebody who has looked at one, just to see if their own company was listed properly. Is there ANY value to being listed in the Yellow Pages? Sure.  It is a powerful…

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