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Spelling errors in an autocorrect world

Spelling bee champions have it easy. They just need to spell one word right and they are deemed correct. They can even ask somebody else to use their word in a sentence and know absolutely nothing about grammar or punctuation themselves. When it comes to posting content online, spelling and grammar is important, but it is not the end of the world to spell something wrong. It’s almost expected now that we live in an autocorrect world where an app decides if we really meant something else. The good thing about bad spelling When you see something mis-spelled on a…


Comparison on Content Quality

This is a science driven comparison between our very own content that we produce and everybody else’s work.  As you can clearly see by this scientific chart, driftpoint media does produce superior advertising and media content. THE TRUTH Our friend Tom, at Tango Charlie Apparel posted up a similar comparison chart for his products. This totally turned into a “Well if Tom can do it, I can do it” project shortly after that.


Do Something

Last year I heard the best quote come out of a friend.  There was a group of us were filling up concrete anchors for a water ski course and the oldest guy in the group is moving faster than everybody else to get them done. His push to finish the work was such a sight that the rest of us paused for a second to watch him hustling. He of course notices our lack of movement, spins around completely and says “Do something, even if it’s wrong” While his inspirational statement came from a long lost trait called “work ethic”,…

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