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Spelling errors in an autocorrect world

Spelling bee champions have it easy. They just need to spell one word right and they are deemed correct. They can even ask somebody else to use their word in a sentence and know absolutely nothing about grammar or punctuation themselves. When it comes to posting content online, spelling and grammar is important, but it is not the end of the world to spell something wrong. It’s almost expected now that we live in an autocorrect world where an app decides if we really meant something else. The good thing about bad spelling When you see something mis-spelled on a…


Barbells for Boobs 2014 Rochester Sponsor

We are proud to announce that we are once again sponsoring the Barbells for Boobs Pink Bra Tour as it returns to Rochester.  Last year we helped the event come together and raise $46k in funding to help fund early detection mammogram services for breast cancer.   This year we are working with Crossfit Webster and Flower City Crossfit as the event return October 12th. Last year we dressed Stephen up in a pink tutu and took some rather iconic photos to help promote the event. You can donate directly through the Barbells for Boobs fundraising site, setup for Stephen, or…


60 seconds on the Internet

So much happens online every second of every day, that it can be hard to visualize.  Just to give you a glimpse of how much happens online take a quick visit to Internet Live Stats. It’s one of our favorite sites for remembering that life moves pretty fast online. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Buehler


ScheduGram Automation for Instagram?

When we work with scheduling social media content, there is a certain amount that we can automate. Especially when you build you own content, you can prep it all and put it into queues that some rather nice software platforms will automate the posting for you.  It is a huge advantage for companies as they can moderate the time of postings, without having a physical person on payroll clicking the posting at that time.  It is a larger advantage for us, we as manage multiple accounts for others. Automation has never been an option with Instagram, until recently.  Instagram, which…


Facebook Changes News Feed to Promote Links

It is time to shift the Facebook strategies again for Facebook Page owners.  Facebook posted up today some changes to how News Feed will list status updates from Pages, and how they will rank differently than updates from friends.   While we are not apposed to the changes, we approach the news with caution as Facebook is never really descriptive in the actual changes they are making. The Good – Creating value added content on your site or in areas that generally are outside of Facebook and using Facebook to help draw your audiences to your stories has always been the…

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