Do Something

Last year I heard the best quote come out of a friend. 

There was a group of us were filling up concrete anchors for a water ski course and the oldest guy in the group is moving faster than everybody else to get them done.
His push to finish the work was such a sight that the rest of us paused for a second to watch him hustling. He of course notices our lack of movement, spins around completely and says

“Do something, even if it’s wrong”

While his inspirational statement came from a long lost trait called “work ethic”, he hit the mark perfectly. To often do we get stuck in the planning and the scheduling and it keeps us from just doing what needs to be done.

Sometimes we spend six months working 12 hour days only to realize that we have been building content for everybody else, but ourselves. To often do we worry about how we are going to say something that we don’t say anything.

So, I am saying it now. Change doesn’t happen by doing nothing, so do something. Like post up on your own blog.


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