Murph Challenge 2014

We are proud and excited to be an Official Host for the MURPH Challenge for 2014.

We have close ties to the Murphy family which makes this a special event for us and we continue to help the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation whenever we can.

With friends and family traveling far from out of town to join us, we are running the MURPH Challenge from our home in Penfield on Sunday, followed by a BBQ gathering for everybody involved. We will be transforming the barn into a “box of MURPH” this week and prepping the site for new levels of awesome.

For those of you who are just learning about the MURPH Challenge for the first time here is the breakdown of what we will be doing.Murph-WOD-banner

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pull-ups
  • 200 Push-ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 1 Mile Run

You do this wearing a 20 lbs weight vest or body armor. The workout was what Michael did regularly to exercise making it a true homage to his memory.

If you are in Rochester and do not have a place to participate in this event, please let us know. Your entry ticket into this event is the TShirt from Forged which is where the funds get raised to support the foundation. If your shirt won’t be here in time, print the order receipt.

We will be posting up some more information to everybody who is coming out to join us soon.


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