Spelling errors in an autocorrect world

Spelling bee champions have it easy. They just need to spell one word right and they are deemed correct. They can even ask somebody else to use their word in a sentence and know absolutely nothing about grammar or punctuation themselves.

When it comes to posting content online, spelling and grammar is important, but it is not the end of the world to spell something wrong. It’s almost expected now that we live in an autocorrect world where an app decides if we really meant something else.

The good thing about bad spelling

When you see something mis-spelled on a website or blog post or post on social media, it jumps out at people like a beacon of light.  Inevitably it will bother somebody enough that they point it out to you. Here’s your positive.  You have just created engagement.

While it’s not recommended to misspell words when posting content, having somebody reply to your post when you do fumble the occasional word is not the worst thing to happen. In a marketing race to create media that people engage with, you just increased your numbers, by doing something wrong.

Clean up your mistake, thank them for pointing it out and now you have a conversation.

A better approach would be to ask people to proof read it. Now, not only have you engaged with people you have asked for their help giving them some ownership of the content you are creating.


Stephen Burke


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